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The node-based overlap between this network and other networks is calculated as the Szymkiewicz-Simpson coefficient of their respective nodes. Up to the top 10 are shown below.

Network Overlap
Role of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in Alzheimer's disease pathology and treatment v1.0.1 43%
Tau Modifications v1.9.5 38%
albuquerque2009 v1.0.0 38%
Nicotinic Receptor Abnormalities of Alzheimer’s Disease: Therapeutic Implications v1.0.0 33%
Amyloid β oligomers (AβOs) in Alzheimer’s disease v1.0.0 29%
Activation of M1 and M4 muscarinic receptors as potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia. v1.0.0 29%
Selective activation of α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor by PHA-543613 improves Aβ25-35-mediated cognitive deficits in mice v1.0.0 27%
Chronic Anatabine Treatment Reduces Alzheimer ’ s Disease (AD)-Like Pathology and Improves Socio-Behavioral Deficits in a Transgenic Mouse Model of AD v1.0.0 25%
The Ubiquitin Proteasome System in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Sometimes the Chicken, Sometimes the Egg v1.0.0 24%
Clearance of Amyloid Beta and Tau in Alzheimer’s Disease:from Mechanisms to Therapy v1.0.1 24%

Sample Edges

bp(GO:"inflammatory response") causesNoChange path(MESH:"Memory Disorders") View Subject | View Object

We did not detect any glia or microglia activation in WT-APP (Fig. 3C and F) compared with WT-GFP (Fig. 3B and E), meaning that the neuroinflammation does not play a role in the memory deficit we observed PubMed:27522251

Dentate Gyrus

bp(GO:aging) association p(MGI:Chrna7) View Subject | View Object

However, we identify a possible role of the alpha7 subunit in the normal aging process that should be further investigated PubMed:27522251

Dentate Gyrus

complex(a(CHEBI:"amyloid-beta"), p(FPLX:CHRN)) increases path(MESH:"Memory Disorders") View Subject | View Object

The hAPP-SLA transduction in DG did not induce a memory deficit in beta2 KO, meaning that the Abeta/beta2-nAChR interaction is required to drive the memory deficit in this model PubMed:27522251

Dentate Gyrus

Sample Nodes


In-Edges: 423 | Out-Edges: 245 | Children: 5 | Explore Neighborhood | Download JSON


In-Edges: 27 | Out-Edges: 61 | Explore Neighborhood | Download JSON

path(MESH:"Alzheimer Disease")

In-Edges: 536 | Out-Edges: 704 | Classes: 5 | Explore Neighborhood | Download JSON


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